Computer Science & Engineering

Mr. Ramakant Singh

Mr. Manish Kumar

Mr. Rajesh Kumar Mishra

Mr. Mohtab Alam

Mr. Arun Kumar Singh

Mr. Triloki Nath

Mr. Ranjeet Kumar

Mr. Hareram Ray

Mr. Prakash kumar

Mr. Rakesh Kumar

Ms. Surbhi Priya

Civil Engineering

Mr. Akash Singh

Mr. Mithlesh Kumar Jha

Mr. Mushir Uddin

Mr. Digvijay Kumar Singh

Mr. Prakash Rahul Kumar

Mr. Hrishabh Kumar Singh

Mrs. Sapna Singh

Mr. Jyoti Ranjan

Mr. Mohit Mayoor

Mr. Vishwajeet Kumar

Mr. Mritunjay Kumar

Mr. Ranjeet Kumar Singh

Mr. Imdad Hussain

Mr. Anup Kumar

Mr. Prince Kumar

Mr. Ashutosh Kumar

Electrical Engineering

Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Mr. Kingson

Mr. Ranjan

Mr. Agam Kumar

Mr. Ashish Kumar

Mr. Rohit Kumar Singh

Mr. Priyadarshan Nayak

Mr. Aditya Shekhar

Mr. Sanjeev Kumar

Mr. Ateeb Hussain

Mr. Gaurav Kumar

Mr. Chandan Kumar Vikash

Mr. Santosh Kumar

Mr. Amit Raj

Mechanical Engineering

Mr. Ravi Kumar Mandal

Mr. Shiya Pyare Mohan

Mr. Ravi Bhushan

Mr. Sampurna Nand

Mr. Amit Kumar

Mr. Atul Jyoti

Mr. Abhinav Ranjan

Mr. Sushil Kumar

Mr. Sachchida Nand Singh

Mr. Randhir Kumar Choudhary

Mr. Pushpam Kumar Sinha

Mr. Bikash Kumar

Mr. Kumar Gaurav

Mr. Mukesh Kumar Patel

Mr. Athar Ahmad

Mr. Sashi Ranjan Kumar

Mr. Zeeshan Hashmi

Mr. Hari Nandan Prasad

Mr. Ashwini Kumar

Mr. Subodh Prasad Sharma

Mr. Alok Pandey

Mr. Satendra Kumar Yadav

Mr. Pranay Shekhar

Applied Science

Mr. Dharmendra Kumar Thakur

Mr. Rakesh Kumar Singh

Mr. Manjesh Kumar

Mr. Ram Krishna Kumar

Mr. Shamsher Ali

Mr. Nitesh Narayan

Mr. Sujay Shekhar

Dr. Shama Bano

Ms. Preeti Bala

Mr. Sunil Kumar

Ms. Jyoti kumari

Mr. Amresh Kumar

Mr. Madhurendra kumar

Information Technology

Mr. Sudhir Kumar

Human Resource

Mr. Santosh Kumar Jha


Mr. Shiva Nand Jha

Mrs. Hena Jha

Mr. Kaushal Kumar

Mr. Ujwal kant Tiwari

Mr. Dhananjay Kumar

Mr. Arvind Sharma

Mr. Sonu Kumar

Administrative Staffs

Mr. Sandeep Kumar

Mr. Ramanuj Pandit

Mr. Akhilesh Kumar

Mr. Amit Kumar

Mr. Sonu Kumar

Mrs. Upama kumari

Ms. Nandini Ganguly

Mr. Bablu Ojha

Mr. Manish singh

Mr. Ankit Kumar


Mr. Shivendu Shekhar

Mr. Vikash Kumar

Mr. Binod Kumar


Mr. Nakul Kumar Dutta

Mr. Pappu Kumar singh

Mr. Subhas Kumar

Mr. Ramashankar sharma

Mr. Jagarnath Mistri

Mr. Arun Kumar

Mr. Hanuman Kumar Singh

Mr. Ved Prakash

Mr. Deepak Kumar


Beginning with the up-gradation of infrastructure like Wi-Fi campus, supplemented by workshops, seminars, live projects and setting up a centre for e-business that aims to facilitate industry academic interface, thus enabling the creation of whole new batch of tech-savvy managers with the skills to integrate technology solution to workplace environment.


We provide best canteen facilities to our students. The canteen resources at NSIP include higenic food, cold drinks and others stuffs. Students and parents can enjoy canteen at any time in working hours.

Our transport system provides services from Patna to Collage and Arwal to collage. we have 14 private collage bus which runs from various route of Near by District.

The computing resources at NSIT include latest servers and workstations, a state of the art campus network and an Internet connection so that the students can leverage the power of IT and experience the e-learning process, which is both informative and interesting. From this year every student have to be equipped with a laptop and we shall provide round the clock access to intranet as well as internet. Entire academic activities such as e-bulletin board, e-discussion forum, feedback, online leave application, course outline class schedule are made available to the faculty, students and the administration on their desktop.


NSIP is the best Diploma college in Bihar & Jharkhand. It is Ranked 72 in all over India.

Anjali Singh/ NSIP Students

Best Faculties and Education Can Breate Best Engineers For Industry

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